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Hey Exilers,

Here is a small extension for the most common StatusBars. -Not ExAd
If you have a radio, the player number of the server is shown.
If you have a compass, the directions are shown.

If you have these items only in the inventory, then of course nothing is displayed.9_9


Hier eine kleine Erweiterung für die gängigsten StatusBars. -Nicht ExAd
Wenn ihr ein Radio ausgerüstet habt, wird die Spielerzahl des Servers gezeigt.
Wenn ihr ein Kompass ausgerüstet habt, werden die Richtungen gezeigt.

Wenn ihr diese Gegenstände nur im Inventar habt, dann wird natürlich nichts angezeigt.9_9

Do It...


Go to your statusbar.sqf and search

 _dir = round (getDir (vehicle player));

replace with

_dir = if ("ItemCompass" in assigneditems Player) then 
                round (getDir (vehicle player));

Or if you have

switch(_dir) do
                case 0: {_dir = "N"};
                case 1: {_dir = "NE"};
                case 2: {_dir = "E"};
                case 3: {_dir = "SE"};
                case 4: {_dir = "S"};
                case 5: {_dir = "SW"};
                case 6: {_dir = "W"};
                case 7: {_dir = "NW"};
                case 8: {_dir = "N"};

in your statusbar.sqf then

Search for

_dir = round ((getDir (vehicle player))/45);

and replace with

_dir = if ("ItemCompass" in assigneditems Player) then 
                round ((getDir (vehicle player))/45);

Done the first.:rock:


Go to your statusbar.sqf 

put this in your _var = blabla section

_PlayersOnServer = if ("ItemRadio" in assigneditems Player) then 
				count playableUnits;

like this

		_unit = _this select 0;
		_damage = round ((1 - (damage player)) * 100);
		//_damage = (round(_damage * 100));
		_hunger = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2);
		_thirst = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3);
		_respect = ExileClientPlayerScore;
		_wallet =  (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]);
		_lockers = (player getVariable ["ExileLocker", 0]);
		_stamina = ExileClientPlayerScore;
		_PlayersOnServer = if ("ItemRadio" in assigneditems Player) then 
				count playableUnits;
		_energy = 100;
		_energyPercent = 100;
		_serverFPS = round diag_fps;
		_pos = getPosATL player;


count playableUnits



in your ctrlSetStructuredText section

like this

//count playableUnits, <---Nope
_PlayersOnServer, //<---Thats new
_damage, _wallet, _hunger, 
_thirst, _serverFPS, _respect,
Mission Complete!!! Thanks						
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