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ghost players?


So it's not a big deal, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I was on a server and I was hearing footsteps around me. Looked around and didn't see anything. Thought maybe it was just an audio since I had just gotten on a bicycle. Though a while later I started hearing it again. It sounding like someone running around me. I looked down and saw foot prints showing up in the dirt with little dust "poofs"... Has anybody seen this happen?

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Hello Cannibalmerk,

There are three possibilities:

#1 - Bug/Glitch

#2 - Admin

#3 - Cheater


Some time a while back there were some issues with 'invisible gear/uniforms' within ARMA itself, so it IS possible, though quite unlikely this was the case.

Admin or cheater?  The 'tools' admins use are nothing but scripts.  What ever script the admin uses, so can a player or a modified one.


As an example, here is a link to a cheater's invisible player script using the 'HideObject' script command:

(I have no idea if this still even works and I suspect InfiSTAR will catch you immediately too if you try to use it!)





If caught, you might find yourself banned on ALL ARMA servers!


Bohemia's Command Wiki:




Most likely, it was an admin though.  The 'trick' is that they should have not been moving...then you would never know they are there....   ;)



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