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Hello, I am a returning player to Exile mod and I am looking for a new server to play on. I figured I would ask for help from the community to find what I am looking for faster.

Below are a list of criteria I am interested in. Please, when providing a server/community name, specify some details specifically about which criteria the specific server does not meet. I am aware that there is no such thing as the "perfect server" as it all comes down to personal taste but providing a more detailed list I can build a more effective survey for myself. Please also specify the map(s), slot numbers and if there are multiple servers on the same shard.

1. No tanks, jets, artillery , Lamborghinis, zombies, no RP or extended rules regarding raiding and such. Socially enforced rules are not my thing as they are hard to police and I do not want to be the one following the rules and have to deal with people not following them.

2. A tweaked economy. Making money should not be easy, looting should only help when starting up or gathering stuff for a base.

3. Polished/Custom missions, hopefully as a way to concentrate PvP, make money or get rare equipment and vehicles, encourage grouping.

4. Ideally no safe zones but this is not a must.

5. A long shot to ask but I always dreamed of playing Exile on a populated first person only server

6. Stores should sell low to mid tier stuff, high end gear should be harder to obtain. Alternatively: NO stores. I would love that.

7. Money lockers should be limited

8. Additional, less futuristic weapons, both in stores and drop tables, bonus points here if shotguns and bolt action rifles are available, even more bonus points if the standard Arma 3 stuff is NOT available at all

9. A reduced list of extra mods, no redundant stuff.


I want to thank everyone replying in advance.




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