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Request: A2OP

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I know A2OP is not available anymore and everyone had to switch to CUP - Core (and Maps).
But I have a project in editor which I need getting loaded again, a friend of mine made this using A2OP and I can't open it using CUP.

Now I wanted to download A2OP to open his project again but all the download links are taken down.
I've prodided a screenshot with the error I'm getting.

Again, this is only so I can export the objects again and make changes to them. I will not be hosting anything A2OP related.

Thanks for responding :)



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38 minutes ago, Crazy Mike said:

make a dummy mod with those 3 patches and it should load

I created 3 empty PBO's with the names CAMisc_Config.PBO etc and loaded the "mod"... Still same error, did I misunderstood you?

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