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Dot icon on map not showing up



I want to add a dot icon to my map (Icon -> mil_dot in Eden), created the marker in Eden and got the code via the Exile plug in for Eden ("Save markers and Zones"). I want to have a  dot with text next to it, so I can basically have a small list on the map to explain something.

This is what I got:

    class Item182
        dataType = "Marker";
        position[] = {5637.27, 0, 11837.1};
        name = "ExileMarker54";
        text = "Lorem Ipsum Dolor";
        markerType = "ELLIPSE";
        type = "ExileNonConstructionZone";
        colorName = "ColorBlack";
        fillName = "Border";
        alpha = 0;
        a = 1;
        b = 1;
        drawBorder = 1;
        id = 502;
        atlOffset = 0;

It's not showing on the map. I already tried changing markerType= "ELLIPSE"; to markerTYPE="mil_dot"; but this didn't work either. Neither the dot nor the text are showing. Including the code into my mission.sqm is not the problem, I already figured that out and added a safe zone to my map. There has to be something wrong or missing in the code Eden is giving me.

Any help or idea is appreciated!

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If you are just placing a standard marker and text you do not need to use the plug in.  Simply open the mission sqm in the arma editor,  place the maker and text,  save as mpmission,  done. Or you can just save and then pbo the folder with pbomanager.  You only need the plugin when placing exile specific markers that have special attributes. 

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