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Block Name Change

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Hello everyone ,

I am looking for a script that prevent people from changing their name. Example: If you join my server with the name : Tom Mitchel, and later you try to connect with another name, the server will return an "end of mission" saying that you need reconnect with your old name "Tom Mitchel" or contact an administrator. 

Soory for my bad english and I really hope you guys can help me for this.

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I know it's possible, i've found Arma Life's scripts that can do that but i didn't manage to adapt them for exile mod.



if(profileName != _this select 1) exitWith {  
	hint format["Votre ancien pseudonyme : %1",_this select 1];  
	[format["Pour pouvoir rejoindre le serveur, veuillez remettre votre précédent pseudonyme !<br/><br/>Votre ancien pseudo : <t color='#b20303'>%1</t><br/><br/>Si vous avez des problèmes pour changer votre pseudo, publiez un message sur le forum <t color='#665bff'></t>", _this select 1], "Changement de pseudo", "J'ai compris !"] call BIS_fnc_guiMessage;  
	["NameExists",false,false] call BIS_fnc_endMission;  


class NameExists  
	title = "Pseudo inconnu";  
	subTitle = "";  
	description = "Pour rejoindre le serveur, remettez votre ancien pseudonyme ! Ou postez un message sur le forum pour demander le changement de celui-ci.";  
	pictureBackground = "";  
	picture = "";  
	pictureColor[] = {0,0.3,0.6,1};  


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