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How to add Axe to trader?


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Edit Config.cpp in your mpmissions map folder

find class CfgExileArsenal and scroll down to  tools, under tools find    class Exile_Melee_Axe  uncomment if need be and set price (ie) remove // at the front.

now find class CfgTraderCategories scroll down to class tools by default the axe is not there so add it in at the bottom, remember the all important , like below



you would do the same for anything you'd like to add like the defibrillator, normally i'd just cut the green commented out section add it to the list and remove the // at the front just make sure you do it it both sections CfgExileArsenal and CfgTraderCategories

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Please post your config and server RPT file. Then people can help you. 

If you wanna make it easy for people to help you faster, then post the config and RPT file on this site https://paste.ubuntu.com/

And click paste when you inserted the text. Then after that, you copy the website address and paste it in your topic.

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