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Can't construct extended base mod items


Hey everybody. I installed EBM and I'm having some issues. I went through the installation on the readme and it's ALMOST working. It starts up with the server fine. I can see the items in the infistar spawn list, they show up in the trader with pricing info. I can spawn them on myself, I can put the kit down on the ground and it appears. But when I try to actually construct anything, it doesn't work. The construction menu appears on the right side of the screen (like raise, lower, rotate, that info), but no green/yellow colored indication of it is visible. Hitting space wont do anything. I'm tried moving it around (pageup/pgdwn) thinking maybe it was under the ground at first or something. Nothing. Did I miss a step? Do I have to do something else with infistar? Any help would be great

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