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File Lossage


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Hello Tactical,

POSSIBLE.  Here is the problem though.  Let's say you have a script that spawns x number of men in a 'x,y' location.  Using the script would be something like [25, 100,250]  spawnarmy.sqf

Since you do not have the mission file, ALL YOU WILL KNOW is this:  [???,???,???] spawnarmy.sqf

Some you can 'figure out', and others you will not and have to 're-do' all over.

Also note, not all scripts are 'started' via the mission.sqm either.  In fact, most are not.


As a suggestion too, ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUPTwo copies in TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS.  Yes, I know that will not help you now, think about it, that advice would have helped you last month.  As such, it might help you NEXT month.


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