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Using R3f for crate loading


I'm having issues on getting r3f crate loading to work with vehicles. I get the take and load into vehicle when I look at the crate in person but I don't get the view inventory option on the vehicles or load crate into vehicles.

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Have you made sure your vehicles are defined in R3F? You add the crates to config.sqf, and then you've got to go into 'addons_configs' folder and open up the files where your vehicle is from (exile, cup, arms, etc..) and add your vehicle class names and define a crate capacity.

And also, make sure those 'addon_configs' files are #includ-ed in the config.sqf... you'll see the standard includes in the config.sqf, just make sure each mod you're using is included.

This is off the top of my head, not looking at the r3f folder... It takes a bit to study the structure of it to see how it works, but once you see it, it's an ah-ha moment.


Edit:  Here's the part of the config.sqf where you include what addon_configs you're using:


//#include "addons_config\A3_vanilla.sqf" //Incuded in Super
#include "addons_config\CUP.sqf"
#include "addons_config\Exile.sqf"
//#include "addons_config\YOUR_ADDITIONAL_ADDON.sqf"

So if I go into addons_config-->Exile folder, the files to define Exile vehicles are in there.

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I agree with @gfourth...u only added the vehicles who could transport crates but u forget to add the classnames of the crates who could be transported AND which players could be moving :rock:

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