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Scripter needed.

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Well established online gaming community is looking for a scripter for our Arma bransh. We are looking for a longtime commitment but we are greatful any help we can get. So if you feel up for the task, send me a message and I get right back to you.

What we are looking for someone that can script and maintain our arma/exile servers, we are trying create a fun and challenging experience for our 600+ members. But also a well balance one. We want you to be part of our community. 

So here what we are aiming to do. Have two Exile servers, one for Altis, one for Chernarus. We are looking to do a custom mod with  new cars, motorcycles, helis, planes, gear and  weapons, new animation, crazy clothing.


Altis: PVE, with a pvp zone.  Custom traders. Roming AI, Missions (Starter, Medium, Hard), Some strongholds. The normal scripts like loading, towing, bike, selling crates at the trader ect. 


Chernarus. PVP. Same scripts, fast missions.


We basiclly have all of this, we just need a coordinator/main developer. Someone that puts it all together. We are looking for someone that want to part of the community for a long time. But like I said, we greatful for all the help we can get. 

So if feel that this something you would like to do, send me message and I'll get back to you.


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