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claim vehicles not working


Hello, i hope this is the right place to ask this.. so I downloaded the exile mod using AL3, downloaded all the mods the DoD2 server needs, and I can play the game, its awesome.

However, everytime i log in i get this message:

"Script ClaimVehicles_client\functions\ExileClient_ClaimVehicles_network_claimRequestSend.sqf not found"


I get 1 or 2 other similar messages about weapons or something but idc about that, i just want to be able to claim vehicles like everyone else.. my buddy who also plays says he has the same issue.

Ive tried validating exiles files, everything checks out. If there is any more info i can provide please let me know and ill post it asap

Thank you for your time!

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Don't worry, this is just where the server admin has messed up that particular script. The error is server side and you can't do anything to fix it other than find a new server. They have to fix it. Sounds like they more errors to fix as well if you are having to click off some other error alerts.

There are plenty of exile servers out there which won't have any errors on login.

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