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Cannot load Esseker




Easy one for most of you. I am trying to create my own Exile Esseker map. I have just started a hosted server and can get Altis working with DMS and Exilez2 which was easy enough but I cant seem to load the Esseker map. I get the content missing or deleted error. I believe my problem is with the mission.sqm. 


I have tried: 



But I guess this is wrong. Any ideas?



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Hello TheBlackUdder,

You're correct!  It IS an error in the mission.sqm file!  As an example, below is what is going on:


When you edit the map, you load at startup:



When you PLAY the map (server), you load in:



You will then get the error you listed.


You created the map with 5 mods, and not you're playing it with 3 mods.  This is the problem.


Which mod is causing it?  Only YOU can tell this. 

That error is saying 'hey, in the mission file it says to use xyz asset, but it was not loaded in!'


ALWAYS load the SAME MODS as the server is using when using the editor!  By doing this, you will NEVER has this issue!



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