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Javelin lock on keys??

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Hello! I purchased a Javelin a few days ago, took it out to the field, tried to lock on a target with T, and I did nothing. Looked up online, some info said to use Tab to lock on, and use shift tab to change the firing mode, but that didn't work either.. I've tried asking on my server (DoD2) but no one responded :( using exile 1.0.3 mod, and all the others required for DoD2 server

After simply pointing and clicking to fire w/o logging on, it fired, but i never saw the missile land anywhere. I then tried shooting AP rounds at my target, only to give away my position, get my partner and I killed by another player, and I lost the damn Javelin.

This all could have been avoided if the damn thing worked the first time lol. How the hell do you use this launcher?

Thank you for your time!

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