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Cherno Map Transition.


OK needing some help guys. I have been working for atleast 48 hours to get a exile server running with Cherno. So far i have been stuck and i can not get it to work or transition. I have followed many steps that i have found online even 2 posts here on the EXILE website. If someone would be so kind to help guide me to get this to work it would be much appreciated.

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You need to change:

1) server.cfg: bottom, change Exile.Altis (or whatever it is) to Exile.Chernarus 



2) Change the pbo name from .Altis to .Chernarus (result will be Exile.Chernarus.pbo)


3) change the requiredAddons from description.ext to the ones needed to launch Chernarus (can't remember, is it using CUP? you'll need to check that)

+ add the trader markers, spawn markers etc etc in that desc.ext


I think that's it... You'll probably have to make/get new tradercities for cherno.

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