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So I started having this problem, where any trader that I place is ONLY a vehicle type trader...  They have "purchase vehicle" when you walk up to them, and then the purchase vehicle interface comes up when you select them.

It happened over night, after I had tweaked my travelling trader script, and done some work on my trader files in the mission PBO.  No matter what I do now, every trader I have or place will be vehicle type.  When this happened, the only trader I had on my map was the travelling trader.  For testing I have added an armory trader, equip trader, food trader, diving trader to test.. All are vehicle type.

Since then I have:  Rolled my mission file back multiple times (I save a copy every time I pack the folder to PBO).  I have rolled back, and removed my travelling trader script.  Rolled back Exile_server_config multiple times.  I deleted and downloaded new Exile client, and Exile server files.  I have cleared my own Arma profile incase it had something to do with that.

Here's what I'm running:  -mod=@exile;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terr_Core;@ryanzombies;@ExileExpansion;@CUP_U;@CUP_W;@CUP_V;@ExtendedItemsExile;@Chums_Buggy;@Fox_Cars;@EBM;@LRHIP;Kart;Mark;Heli; -servermod=@exileserver;@infiSTAR_Exile

I am at a loss, pulling my hair out!  RPT offers no insight.  Does anyone have any insight or direction I can take to try and root this out?  Let me know what other info I can provide if needed. Thank you in advance!






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Okay, well, stupid me....

I should have had someone besides myself try to test the server...  I finally had someone else and an error popped up for them that pointed right to one of the mods we *were* running...  I had a mod installed that added some different map markers, and it somehow caused me errors, but not everyone else.

So to anyone that finds this thread because of a similar issue...  Always have someone else test your server too!  And think outside the box, this was the last thing that I would have thought, but now it makes perfect sense,

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