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Custom Recipies


Here is the code I have in the config.cpp (mpmissions).

class TitanAA: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe
    name = "Titan AA Missle";
    pictureItem = "M_Titan_AA";
    requiresFire = 1;
    requiredInteractionModelGroup = "WorkBench"; // See CfgInteractionModels
    returnedItems[] =
        {1, "M_Titan_AA"}
    tools[] =
    components[] =
        {1, "FlareGreen_F"},
        {2, "Exile_Item_ZipTie"},
        {3, "APERSTripMine_Wire_Mag"},
        {5, "Exile_Item_Can_Empty"}
    category = "Exile Explosives";

When you complete the recipe nothing drops or shows up in your inventory.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Yup, Exile has always had problems with purchasing launchers directly from traders (A3 issue I believe) so it'll be the same thing here I'd guess. Have a look on these forums for buying launchers from traders.....

Actually, I did it for you;

I haven't looked into this myself but it's likely the same bug, might be the same fix too.....

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