New Community, Experienced Owners: We Need Some Staff

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So as you can see from the title above, we need staff. Let's cut straight to it. 

We are 3 guys who have been running servers off and on for around 4 years; in an attempt to make a serious approach this time around, we would like to enlist the help of fellow community members in order to meet our goals. Here's what we are looking for: 

Developers: We have done small development projects over the years, but are looking for other and possibly more experienced people to help fuel the ideals behind our projects.

Graphic/Web Designers: Having done most of the graphic/web designing over the years I've come to appreciate what it takes to develop great visuals and functionality, and emplore any aspiring designers to get in contact with us.

General Staff/Moderators/Support Staff: No community can run unless it has a great array of staff. Experienced or not, we encourage anyone interested to get in contact with us, as we could use much help managing our community.

If you are interested in any of the positions posted above, contact us by adding me on Steam, or by joining our Discord:

We hope all who are interested come forth and help us in expressing our vision to the community.

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