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Hello there!

Maybe not all of you guys know me. While I never stated on this forums that I was the developer of PixelNationGaming (PNG), I was. Must be pretty obvious since everytime I posted a RPT file, it clearly said "PNG" and "PixelNationGaming" in the file somewhere. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone. When I started developing the server about a year ago, I had really no idea it would become this popular. PNG was originally meant to be a bit more PVE server. I made this server for myself tbh, I wanted to create my own missions and see them in a live server and become better at ArmA.

At the really beginning of PNG, I had not much a clue what I was doing. I made an ArmA 2 Overpoch server before which ran on a friends laptop. Man, setting up an overpoch server was such a pain in the ass honestly ;P . 

I never thought our server would get this popular, there was a time I'd come home at 3PM from college and it was crammed full, 70 players. It kept amazing me how well our server was doing, and again I never expected that. I would of been happy when there were 20 people online in the evening ;P

We experienced a lot during this year. And I personally leared a lot about how to run a server. We experienced a lot. We had amazing admin events, lots of cool players to hang around with and lots of fun! Also not so nice stuff, like performance issues (I think we were the only server having 2 hour restarts out there...), hackers, kids stealing their fathers creditcard to DDOS our server, lots of "ArmA moments"... And when I say lots, I really mean LOTS, LOTS AND LOTS of "ArmA moments"...

I want to shoutout to the developers of ExileMod. You really did a great job. People who are complaing this mod is shit have absolutely no idea how to read, honestly. It's by far the best mod I've seen on ArmA, it's highly customizable and still reliable. You can build with this mod a wasteland server or a complete DayZ server, it's up to the server owner.

I personally learned a lot running this server, and I want to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity or helped me do this! From all my questions on ExileMod.com (I really asked a lot) to players helping me out with the server.

If you ever want to run an own server, keep in mind that if you have a popular server, it will eat your free time. There's lots of times where I was hanging out with my friends when I noticed that the server crashed (mostly in the beginning) and I had to rush to a computer to get it up again. I also spend a lot of time in debugging stuff, and figuring out why ArmA hated me. Honestly I think ArmA hates everyone ;P

On the one side, I'm sad that the server is closing down. I will miss running a popular game server, and I doubt I will ever get this chance again. On the other side, it's time to do something else then ArmA. It can be really frustrating at times, and I can easily imagine what the ExileMod team is going through at some points ;P

Anyway, again thank you everyone for helping me out and giving me this opportunity! I loved doing it, but I think i've seen most now. It's time to move on. There are pleantly of (probably better then PNG) good servers out there!

I will upload all missions and customizations online on this forum in the next upcoming days, for other server admins to use. Except stuff like Vector Building and Painting, you'll need to figure out that one for yourself ;) Or you can PM me and I'll tell you where you can get it. Or if you want to know, you can PM me and ask where I rented our server. More then happy to help you guys out!

Again, thank you and good luck with your lives!

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