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drones, drones and lockable deployables

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alright, so intresting question on this.

love using drones, but the server i play on too often my drones are hijacked by someone else, i would like to know of a way if possible for the server admins to be able to prevent others from getting in to these drones beyond just having two people in it at all times. 

second, the idea of useing other faction items. i say this becouse my admins are telling me with how exile is currently we are unable to use other faction items such as uav's and the like, with makes it hard on admins to put things like unmanned ground pounders or even the new uav's from the new dlc. i would like to know if there is some kind of scriping to allow this kind of thing.

finally. lock ableable deployables, this is something i have wanted for quite some time, being able to go to a location place down a turrent or launcher with in my base and know it will be there after restart or even our at a mission spot a way to protect it from being used on my own team.

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