Was I just hacked and robbed by a Admin ?

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Hi there , so I recently got myself Arma 3 , a few months ago falling in love with the game I soon after got myself all the dlc's falling even more in love with Exile and zombies now I am not sure if this is a massive bug but I cant see it so this is what happened. 


This morning I was roaming Arma 3 and found a van one randomly in a open field I used it and started to do missions I completed them one by one , and eventually loaded the van full with 3 supply crates I then proceed to tow a Ural truck and a Land rover as well in a convoy to the trader. 


The tow order was I was in the Ural - van - Land rover 

While I was driving to the trader one another user logged on to the server bringing the total up to two players on the server he , said boy I was busy and I told him I left 2 more vehicles behind which he can have and sell ,  sadly once I entered the Trader , I was unable to remove my tow ropes and even to get in the Van since it was now the other players vehicle and I kept on getting a message saying my action is recorded ? 

Look I am rather disappointed that all my hard work is wasted but did the other guy use cheats even on a battlEye anti cheat server ? or was he a admin.


Please let me know your thoughts and how to prevent something like this or even if you have question on the above event. 



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