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More Items which can be used by Server Admins

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While it's not to hard for a server admin to add custom items with a mod, it would be cool if Exile had by default items like "Weed", "Cocaine", "Secret Documents", "Machete", "Gold", "Ruby's"...
You may see I'm referring to Arma 2 epoch a bit. Why would you add these items? So server admins can use this. I don't feel like it's nessecary to setup missions by default in Exilemod which use this, but it would be cool to give server admins an opportunity to create their custom missions with it...

GolovaRaoul :)

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While we're talking about models for admins to use, we've got 5.56 and 7.62mm loose rounds - can we have 6.5mm, .338 and .50 cal in the mix too?  :)

I've been encouraging my players to pick them up and craft a clip rather than hunting for just the right clip for their weapon and it's been catching on a bit. Would love to offer this for most weapons.....

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