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[Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

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Alert! The Naval vessel USS Nimitz has been occupied by insurgents. Eliminate all enemies and recover all U.S. property. 

By request I have made a ship that uses as little external mods as humanly possible. The ship has 33 AI as well as an AI minigunner boat that does patrols. There are vehicles on the ship that you will need a lifting script like R3F Logistics to retrieve. There are also tanks on the ship guarded by snipers. If you don't want the tanks just delete them in the editor. There are several loot crates that have weapons, etc. in them. Be warned the anti-air defenses on the ship are fully opperational. The best way to enter the ship is via sea using ladder at the rear starboard side. Currently the maps supported are Altis, Malden, Chernrus and Tanoa. Australia will be released in the near future. If you have an additional map request let me know. If you are unfamiliar with Eden Editor see the guide in my signature and go to Eden section.

Required Mods:

Exile (obviously)


USS Nimitz

R3F Logistics (optional)

Installation Steps: 

1. Extract your map pbo (i.e. Exile.Altis) within the missions folder located in your "My Documents".

2. Download and extract the "Nimitz.*Map*" for whichever map you are using into same folder as step 1.

3. Open ARMA 3 launcher and load the mods Exile, CBA, and USS Nimitz.

4. Using Eden Editor open your map (i.e. Exile.Altis).

5. Merge your map with the extracted "Nimitz.*Map*" from step 2.

6. Save, Repbo, and upload back to your server.

Note: Don't forget to load any mods your server is currently running.








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Added Chernarus
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10 hours ago, Super Jerome said:

Yes it is.

thank you for the prompt reply. Following your steps does not work for me. I have although customized my mission.sqm quite heavily and something must be breaking it then. When the server restarts after the update (merging works fine on its own) the server seems to not be loading the mods correctly, like something is missing. If I ignore all the missing mod prompts and keep all my mods loaded I can connect to the server and the carrier and everything seems to work just fine. So I guess something has to do with my mission.sqm file - onward to an afternoon with sqf!

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thanks but that wont be needed, turns out my server had reached the -mod parameter limit and prevented it from showing up correctly on the default steam arma launcher... sigh... all is well and the mission has been added, again thank you for sharing!


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