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Nick Stewart

Looking for survivalist or military minded EXILE players.

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I am veteran and a gamer, looking for like minded players, but I will accept anyone willing.

If you are reading this, I may be in discord and able to talk with you. Check discord here (Removed)

I just started playing on a new ARMA 3: Exile Mod server. I need a squad who is willing to have my back (I will have too), please post below.  I would prefer players who are mature and make decisions in game as they would in real life. 

I am looking for players  who understand the tactics and methods involved in survival and guerrilla style warfare or who are, at the very least,"teachable".

You must be willing to start fresh on a new server. This server will NOT have zombies, so you will need to sell loot and kill AI and other players in order to gain respect.

The ideal player is one who possesses the following traits:

  • Players who understand the value of an over-watch position while the squad loots buildings or a completed mission (even though it may be boring to be over-watch).
  • Players who are patient enough to conduct recon on a target instead of going "Rambo" and hoping for the best.
  • Players who do not leave their buddies side but remain close and ready to support. 
  • Players who know how to call out tangos (enemies) with direction and distance.
  • Players who understand the value of numbers and how weapons and explosives can be used as force multipliers. 
  • Players who understand how to plan, set up and execute a successful ambush.
  • Players who are man enough to be meek - don't boast and brag about the squad's exploits.
  • Players who are willing to do the work of looting, completing missions and earning respect to buy the right gear BEFORE trying to go off and raid bases or tackle the advanced missions. 
  • Players with a positive "can-do" attitude.
  • Players who value loyalty and overall mission success over personal gain and stats.
  • Players who have discipline to NOT respond to taunts, threats, and insults from other players.We will respond with overwhelming violence - not words.

Please have the following hardware and software:

  • A decent gaming rig.
  • A reliable headset with mic.
  • Gaming communication software (Discord)

Please join these groups:

Our ARMA3 Unit is : Ghost Squad Exile [GSE]     
Steam Group    

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Hey Nick, I'm interested in your group. From what I read it sounds like you've got a pretty good setup and play style going for you guys. I've been looking to find a decent group to play with on Exile. I put in a request to join the steam group and look forward to talking to you. 

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Hey man.
Andy, 24 years. I have been looking for someone to play some Exile with and i found this. Sounds interesting, so i've just sent a friend request on Steam, for some potential questions and details. Hope we'll talk later.

Btw, i have about 250 hours in Arma 3, mostly KOTH and Exile. I'm pretty familiar with the game by now, but not pro level. Willing to listen and learn though.

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Hey Nick, I'd love to play with you guys. Im coming back from my deployment in a week and Im looking forward to play a lot of exile again. Im 21 years old actiVe duty USMC with 3rd Btn 5th Mar, would be awesome to play with some prior service or active dudes. 

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Hey nick, id love to join your group. Sent in a request to join the steam group and was hoping you'd be willing to add a kid (18) who doesn't necessarily have this game down 100% yet. I have played both arma 2 and arma 3 for years but have still yet to get a full grasp on things. Thanks for your consideration.

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I'm NA, 21, Almost 1000 hours on Exile, 

Read what you're looking for an i'm interested in joining, 

Enjoy playing the game seriously and assuming real positions and strategy.

Feel free to add me and we can discuss further if you would like to recruit:

Have a working mic and Discord. 

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