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So, I haven't played ArmA in a while, and the server I had going was discontinued.

But as of late, the interest is returning and I want to set up our old PvE server again. But as I understand, Exile has been updated, and several addons might not have been.

This is what I want to run on the Server:
- Exile (latest version)
- Extended Base Mod
- Exile Occupation
- Enigma Exile Revive
- Chernarus, Bornholm or Taviana map.

Now, I wonder if there are any known issues with this combination of mods and addons?
Anything I should be aware of?

I also note that DMS is mostly geared toward Altis, but that it works on other maps. As we had Altis before, we'd like to try a different map, but the missions need to work, so which map is preferrable?

Any feedback is welcome!

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