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Hi everyone!  I am looking to hire someone (paying through PayPal once task is complete) for a quick and easy job.

I am using DMS and Exile Occupation and I am looking to setup the AI in a very specific way; yet I don't know enough (and have failed each time) to do it myself.

Given the following parameters, let me know how much you would charge to do this for me (you adjust the code as necessary and I can install myself);

I want the AI helicopters to be able to see players from very far away (1000m) and fire immediately upon sight. Basically a 99% chance that the helicopter will see a player if they're visible (similar to the way Helis worked in DayZ Origins; Taviana - there were three hueys that flew together everywhere and were BRUTAL... would shoot you right through a window if you were visible).

I want the AI to attack players the same way that the Helicopters do, but from 500m, not 1000m. Immediately and every time they're visible.

I want the AI troops to only spawn between 500 and 2000 meters of players. Nothing outside of that distance. (If you can also do this with vehicles, bonus.)

I don't want any static or dynamic missions to run, I only care about the AI troops, vehicles, and patrolling helicopters.

What I am ultimately looking for is creating a server where ANY time an AI sees you, they engage IMMEDIATELY (albeit inaccurately). When a player hears the helicopters in the distance, they should be terrified because the Helis will engage IMMEDIATELY even from 1000m away.

*I have tried adjusting the basic settings of the config (AimSpeed, SpotTime, etc.), but it doesn't seem to be working the way I am describing. Additionally, there are just so many resources wasted as AI will spawn 10,000m away and then freeze. I want the fights to hover around the players and nowhere else.

Please post your price for doing this project or any questions/clarifications you may have.



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Setting up A3xai now. Not seeing many AI and I think these lines may be the case. I don't understand. What should these be set to for 3 players always on and max AI?

//Number of online players required for maximum (or minimum) AI spawn chance. Affects Static, Dynamic, Random AI spawns. (Default: 10)
playerCountThreshold = 10;
//1: Spawn chance multiplier scales upwards from value defined by chanceScalingThreshold to 1.00. 0: Spawn chance multiplier scales downwards from 1.00 to chanceScalingThreshold.
upwardsChanceScaling = 1;
//If upwardsChanceScaling is 1: Initial spawn chance multiplier. If upwardsChanceScaling is 0: Final spawn chance multiplier. (Default: 0.50)
chanceScalingThreshold = 0.50;


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