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Game gets freeze when open infistar admin menu


Usually when i try to open infistar admin menu and it will cause my game gets freeze and if i click "ESC" to close  admin menu then it will recover, and how to fix this problem? or it's a  extensive problem?


@infiSTAR Please help me

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use_html_load_on_adminmenu = "false";		/* default and recommended is "true". infiSTAR updates and news are announced in the top right corner when you open the AdminMenu if this is "true"! */

in your config and you will be fine

it is the stupid way arma does an html load -- suspends the game until it is loaded (I can't express how bad and stupid Bughemia interactive developers are)

so when you put that value to "false" it won't load the "news" on the top right of the admin menu and you won't have that lag

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