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Permanent Map Markers

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I have a question about Map Markers.

How can i make map markers stay after a server restart, permanent, till i delete them.

So that other players can see where i build for example an outpost, deep in the tanoan jungle, if i am not on the server. We have restarts every 4hrs, and i am not at my computer and on the server the whole day to refresh the map markers after every server restart.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Alienfromoutspace,

Why not just pull the map into the editor and put the markers down, then save and repack it?  Job done!

If you're looking for REAL TIME, this would require a good bit of work (scripting) as this data must be wrote out to a file that only the server has access to (DB for example).  And you need to get the coordinates too.

A BIG job from what I know/can do with scripting.

It CAN be done though.  The easiest is way is just edit the map...


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