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When I try to use the Tanoa mission, no extensions show up in the browser.  So when people pull up my server, it shows that there's no mods installed, and people keep getting kicked when they try to join.  When I switch the mission to Altis, everything works fine.  I do have Exile-Z 2 installed, I added it to the addons in both missions, but only the altis mission works.

Altis Addons:


Tanoa Addons:

addons[] = {"exile_client","ryanzombies","ryanzombiesfunctions","A3_Ui_F"};

When that didn't work I added this just below hoping it would fix it (no avail):

class AddonsMetaData
	class List
		items = 4;
		class Item0
			className = "exile_client";
			name = "exile_client";
		class Item1
			className = "ryanzombies";
			name = "ryanzombies";
		class Item2
			className = "ryanzombiesfunctions";
			name = "ryanzombiesfunctions";
		class Item3
			className = "A3_Ui_F";
			name = "Arma 3 - User Interface";
			author = "Bohemia Interactive";
			url = "";


Since it works in Altis but not Tanoa, I'm assuming it's a configuration issue.  Any ideas?

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