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New problem got me beat



I've been modding now for quite some time and did have an up and running 1.0.3 server on Tanoa map.

After 8 months of creating and learning the ropes and plenty of headache's lol, I decided to have a rest.

Now that I've had a break was going upload my server to a proper host site instead of Local Hosting for testing so I noticed where still on 1.0.3 but the Arma Server has been updated a few times i see.

Anyway to the problem

Armarserver.exe just keeps rebooting



I have updated the server files and had some issues with keys to start with as mods have been updated was easy enough

I just dont know what to do now please help

Have tried my tonoa pbo the original and the original Malden even.



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CallExtension loaded: armalog (D:\Exile\@exileserver\armalog.dll) []

This is a known problem. Update your infiSTAR, furthremore your RPT looks good! (as far as it initializes)

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