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Body dupe issue


When the first player is killed on the server and they respawn, they can loot their dead body and all appears normal to them. They get the gear from the body, and it is left empty.  However,  to other players, BOTH the dead body and player have the same gear. When the dead bodies inventory is accessed,  you can take the gear, and it then removes it from the alive player. If the player logs off after taking their gear, then the gear is also removed from the dead body. This only happens to the first player killed. I have reverted back to a few previous versions of the exile file, but the problem still persists, so unsure how long this has been happening. Any ideas?  Thanks

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4 hours ago, GolovaRaoul said:

TBH I read it 3 times, I read it even once out loud (seriously) but still don't understand it.

Can you please explain more clearly? :)

Server restarts 

Player dies

Player loots their body

Other players still see items on dead body

Other players can still access items on dead body

Items removed from dead body are removed from alive player

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Hello Dekela,

Well, this is not default Exile.  So this means one of three things most likely:


#1 - You have Exile configured wrong/typo.

#2 - You have a mod that is causing this/mod typo.

#3 - #1 and #2.


I would suggest you restore backups and start again.


Not too much help, but without seeing everything you have, it is hard to say 'xyz is the problem'.

All that can be said is that this is not how Exile works.

Good luck!



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