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Cant add and remove family markers anymore


Hello alls, 

first of all really thanks for tihs great mod and community.

I play exile more than 3000hours and since 5 or 6 days, me and some of my teammates cant add and remove old family markers on map. 

When i try right click on map, nothing happens and when i go to an old marker to delete it with my mouse and try to delete it (with delete key on my keyboard) nothing happens too.

I dont have touch nothing (or i am mad and i dont remember) on my settings and i don't know why i have this problem now...

I have search on forum and don't have find any solution.

So i really hope that someone could help me.

P.S: I just have found on another thread, that someone talk about infistar and this problem, and i have forget to say i am admin server since ine week. So perhaps something to configure on infistar menu?? but what...?



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you have to click to the left of the marker where the polygon would have been if you had made the marker with a polygon initially. Then it's right click delete. Try zooming in and right clicking all around the area to the left of the marker

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