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@infiSTAR I've ported over a script from Arma 3 to exile that will allow players to change out the weapons loadouts from with in that confines of their base for mission specific roles. Using the Dynamic Loadouts that Arms 3 Jets brings to the table. I found this script by Grumpy Old Man I I've seen work with 0 issues in Arma 3. Once I ported over the script I have been able to get some of the functionality to work in exile. Like reaming and repairing. Yet Refuel, Clear Pylons and Changing Pylon weapons fail to complete the task presented by the script. I believe that these functions are needing that infistar charm to work. Please take a look and maybe point me to where i can allow these functions in Infistar Anti hack mod. Script listed below.

Exile ported Version:

Original Version:

reason I'm coming to you. is this:

 4:47:46 "<>A3_EXILE_PROCESSREPORTER| V69 (21-07-2017) [processReporter] Active SQF: [""<spawn>"",""custom\Aircraft_Loadouts\scripts\GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit.sqf [GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit]"",true,1346] @ 2135.82   [18-10-2017 19-16-47 - v86]"

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