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Loot suddenly stopped spawning

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11 hours ago, Chainsaw Squirrel said:

not really worried about a3xai client . .. AI work fine, nothing to do with this problem, but thanks for trying

is this a custom map?

if it is does it use custom objects?

If it does then you need to include loot positions for those objects.

I have compiled loot positions for cup terrains core, from other peoples bits and pieces and strung together as I am working on Napf atm.


I did remove the formatting which I just saw on the positions for this as I had problems using it in that kind of format

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one minor thing: when you compiled the server PBO did you check it compiles the prefix file into it as they tend to get left out when I PBO folders?

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14 minutes ago, Chainsaw Squirrel said:

prefix file ??

I noticed on the download for that mod/map (whatever it is) the server config includes a $PREFIX$ file, usually if this goes missing in other @files (like DMS) then they stop working and it is easy for it to go walkies

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