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Cause I'm trying to learn how to code now I thought I'd try something out.
Basically what I made is a simple PHP page which can show you your current 'rank' in comparision to other players on the server.
You need to connect this to your database, install a web server and you should be good to go.

Here's a little demonstration video about what it does exactly ( yes a video of 30 seconds can contain all program functionality ;P )

Click here to open YouTube Video

Anyway I'm thinking of releasing this in case anyone wants this or wants to use this as a base to modify this for his own use. But I'm just not 100% sure if it's "safe" for people to use this or if this could be easiliy exploited somehow. It's just something I tried making to learn a bit how to code, an experienced programmer could probably easily do this better in a few hours.

If someone wants to help me out, you can download the files from here!

Thanks for responding :)

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i gonna try you code, i got a friend that has a website company for ads.
soo we gonna check it and let you know as soon is posible
nice work man

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