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BattlEye: Script Restriction #21

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Спустя некоторе время когда как, когда 1 минута когда пол часа, меня кикает, лог ниже, вот что пишет игра (Player ВайФай kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #21)

18:21:19 BattlEye Server: Player #0 ВайФай - GUID: 148851089db89636afd24f9bfadb923b
18:21:19 Player ВайФай connected (id=76561200814096851).
18:21:19 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (148851089db89636afd24f9bfadb923b) of player #0 ВайФай
18:35:15 BattlEye Server: Script Log: #0 ВайФай (148851089db89636afd24f9bfadb923b) - #21 "(_this select 0)] + _this, "RscDisplayDebugPublic", 0] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\A3\Ui_f\scripts\GUI\RscDebugCons"
18:35:15 Player ВайФай kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #21
18:35:15 Player ВайФай disconnected.

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