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Windoge 8

Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_Afghan_Config' requires addon 'CA_E'


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14 hours ago, Windoge 8 said:

I am getting a warming message telling me i need the addon CA_E but when I look into CA_E it's all for Arma 2 Dayz Mod


https://pastebin.com/RbzdeP9q  - pbt lines


open mission.sqm from your mission files




there may be more in there so just make a new line after whatever is last (remember to add a comma to the line before adding your extra one) and add "CA_E" as last line. save and restart.

Its part of CUP Terrains as the mapping/modelling in it is based on old Arma items, you will end up having more warnings so just keep adding them but it is only a warning and once you add them to the addons they become mandatory to have before joining the server

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I had the same error and solved the problem. For me, it was corruption in the files. Here is the thread from the CUP Issue-tracker: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/T2877#44819

Basically, Steam tends to corrupt mods with big files so download mods directly from the website or preferably via Torrent.

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