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Minefields, and new encounters.

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With the recent Laws of War DLC out, and the new landmine detecting mechanics. I feel this would be a great time to integrate some new landmine setups within Exile. After looking up a few old post, it seems like someone already suggested allowing landmines be persistent if they are placed within the owner's territory. I think it honestly is a great idea. This could also be taken a step further and be an adjustable config for server owners, allowing them to limit the amount of landmines players can place in their area to stay persistent.  

On top of that, UXOs, and landmines would be a great alternative to NPCs when regarding new missions to take on. Encounters could be a bombed out outpost that is covered in UXO's. High yield loot that is protected both by a minefield, and some distant sniper NPCs. 

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