Hollow's Vehicle Pack Problem ( Yet again..)

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I know i know... this issue has been posted many times, but mine is different. See the mod is only available on A3Launcher, and that is where my problem is. A3Launcher refuses to download HVP.. When i press download nothing happens, no progress bar nothing. Just act's like i didn't even press it. I had this same problem with Exile but i could easily bypass it by downloading it online and installing manually. 

I've tried everything, reinstalling A3Launcher, tweaking and looking at settings, searching online for answers. Nothing, no progress. By the look of things it seems like A3Launcher refuses to download a mod that's not on Steam Workshop, because all mods not on Workshop won't download on A3launcher :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it's gone.   It's not in the Steam workshop and even in A3Launcher, if you click the website link, it can't be reached.  I've noticed a few other mods that are on A3Launcher like this that aren't available any more (IFA3_Objects_LITE for example.  That one is superseded by WW2_Objects).  While Maca adds new mods to A3Launcher, I don't think he goes back and periodically deletes those that are no longer available.   That'd be a pain to do manually every so often.


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