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Nga Krob

Wake up wasted stomped dead every time in new cherno


??help me to recover my corpse and vehicle that's been bugged or hacked please??

i am unable to commit suicide - nothing I've tried had worked..

the discomfort.. need I say more? 

I just found a flag I pinned a 70k vehicle and had 20k pop tabs 

my real question is was this a hack within the game? And can u recover my account or can I start a new one? I have zero options from my standpoint..

thanks in advance to any bloody legends out there ;)

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Too short

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Your question is pretty vague. I guess that you don't own the server and you are stuck dead. You can't respawn or do anything, you just see your dead body. If my guess is correct, then you must contact your server owner and say that he needs to remove your dead body from the database.


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