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Old Man Triton

Lost Items when Purchasing Fittings for Weapons


I recently started playing on an Exile server.  For the first time I tried buying a silencer for my primary and secondary weapon when they were the same silencer.  What I mean is, I had a 9mm SMG and a 9mm Pistol.  Both were equipped.  When I purchased the first silencer it automatically fitted to the SMG.  Then I purchased the second silencer.  When I checked the silencer had NOT fitted to the pistol and was nowhere to be seen in my inventory.  Nor was it on the ground.  However I tested it and I was charged for the silencer. Tried this about three times.  Then I manually moved the silencer from the SMG to the Pistol.  Went back and purchased another silencer.  The silencer fitted itself to the primary weapon [SMG].

This appears to occur when you have two weapons equipped that will take the same fitting.  Unfortunately I don't own the server and did not have the funds to do more extensive testing.  I thought I'd ask here if anyone had experienced this fault and perhaps find someone who can test it further.

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