Does someone want to write me this teleport script?

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So I would need to the script to do this...

1) If a player logs in, and they are 2000m from cords [10000,10000,0] they are teleported to any of the cord in point 2

2) Teleport locations:


3) Message appears when

         a) Entering the 2000m zone "Log off here and you will be teleported to a random location"

         b) After logging in and being teleported "You were moved from this location as logging off is not allowed"

4) Some how working with Infistars anti-teliport


I would be happy to donate £15 to have this wrote and working :) (if that's allowed)

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u need 2 scripts. 
1) a trigger for the message

2) a login location checker/teleporter with information, 

the trigger for the message u find on google with 2 min search

the login location checker u can write urself in 5-20 min,

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