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Hey Red Ned

If you are talking about the chemical looking rainbow effect on the water when in a heli? If so you need to turn off fog.


Turn off fog:


            fogValue = 0.0;
            fogDecay = 0.0;
            fogBase = 0.0;

If you want to change the default water colour of a map you have to create an addon.

I got the solution from Crazy Mike, his comments are all currently being deleted....


make a new config and either copy paste the entire chr config or just copy the main world class then paste in what you want to change, pack it and load the addon you just made and should override, make sure this new configs patch is dependant on the chr map patch or else it wont override


@Super Jerome made an addon of Cherno Redux. Your addon would have to be exactly the same as the Napf map config. I am not sure where to rip this config from, I looked through the pbo's for Redux & couldn't find it.


You would need to put the addon in steam workshop & ask @maca134to add it to A3 Launcher.

You can make the addon a "-servermod=" & put the key in the keys in the server KEYs folder.
If you don't make your addon as a -servermod you will lose your servers in A3 Launcher (until it is appears as a "known mod" in A3 Launcher).


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14 minutes ago, aussie battler said:

Sorry @red_ned what were the chances that it was your file someone had ripped.
It was the first thing that came up in a google search.

doubt it as my server isn't public yet and I have been writing all the code but I didn't compare as I am a way bit further along than that.

cheers tho

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