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extended the GiThub repository to include my manually made loot position file, it is still a work in progress and has taken forever to get this far so I will update it as I go with new server to find bugs etc but I have tried to edit out floating loot and add extra buildings, it is not as complete a list as the auto generated file but it should include everything I could find on the map at the time but will add more in updates.

I wont share my PBO for Napf as I have spent so long on it (and it is very specific to my server) but the original ones posted will be fine as you only need 2 files from it which shouldn't have changed since release as you use all the current Exile.Altis PBO except mission.sqm and initPlayerLocal.sqf which you use from the Napf PBO available, everything else is then up to you with your scripts and addons

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