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Cant Load Into Exile Server (Noob)


About 4 days ago I bought Arma 3 while it was on sale hoping to play Exile on a chernarus server, after using A3 Launcher and downloading all the required mods needed I loaded up my game really excited to play. Ever since then I have wanted to put my fist through the monitor because I have not once been able to play the game due to an ERROR  that keeps pooping up every time time i load into a server.... the error is:

No Entry  


I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know what the problem is and how I can fix this, because I would love to play this game but I haven't had the chance yet. 

Thanks again, Huzzi

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I'm not really sure where Item_EmptyCanteen belongs too, might be some mod?

Did you tried to verify arma 3 gamedata thru steam/reinstall exile or any mods? Are you able to join game server only running exile mod?

Btw.: There is no reason to open 3 threads :)


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