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[Release] Exile Trader Compostions

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The trader compositions within this mod were created utilizing Zeus and Eden Compostions (ZEC) with a few additions. The traders do not come with their custom animations so you will need to set them yourself within Eden. I included my guide to help you with all of the Exile related inquiries. You can either use the guide included in the mod folder or utilize the link below. This mod requires Exile Mod, Extended Base Mod, & CUP Terrains Core. Also included within the folder is any changes you may need to make to your map pbo to have vehicles spawn in correct place. Please read the "READ ME" file included when you subscribe.

Required Addons:

Exile Mod (Duh)

Extended Base Mod

CUP Terrains Core




When you open the addons folder after you subscribe it contains all the information you will need to make this happen. I am aware of some items that spawn with their height (Z) set incorrectly. Just manually adjust their height in Eden Editor. My guide is also included upon subscription or use the link in my signature if you need help. There are currently 3 compositions, I have included a few pictures of two of them. Enjoy.





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Added "Construction Traders" fixed bugs. Included Exile Trader Zone.
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Update v1.2 added "Construction Traders" and fixed a bug with "VIP Traders". I also included the Exile Trader Zone marker and icon compostions with download.






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Thanks for making these, saved me so much time  & they look very cool.

We were running Taviana for the last 6 months, but it got pulled. These traders made server setup a breeze since I had lost my other trader files.

Great work :)


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@Super Jerome Thank you for making this. It is a godsend.

I'm having a weird issue with it though. It seems to be spawning double everything. When I open a door, I have to open a second to get in. Once inside, I see 2 traders that look like they are on each other's shoulders. One of the traders has a full inventory, the one on his shoulders has nothing to sell. All of the traders in the composition are like this. It is only happening with this composition.

Any suggestions?

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