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Hello, we are seeking paid help in getting our old Exile server back up and running.

I ran a considerably popular server titled iBB Exile Dariyah on the map G.O.S. Dariyah (pja307) which reached GameTracker rank 52 for a short period before hitting a rough patch post Arma 3 update which broke Exile mod for all servers for a few days. We had the issue repaired fairly quickly but we eventually chose to take it down after the population didn't rebound as quickly as anticipated, combined with a lack of funds for our top quality hosting package. Thankfully I can now afford to fund the server much easier than in the past, however the flip side is that of course I no longer have the same amount of free time I had before, hence, the help wanted ad.

When we went offline I received daily messages regarding the server status, followed by begging for it's revival. We have now been offline for 10 months and I am still receiving inquires on a regular basis, albeit much less frequently than before. In our prime I was considered to be the most helpful in-game admin most users had ever seen, and as a result I still maintain a Steam Friends list of ~240 users of our server from when it was online. This is a direct connection to many of the most prevalent players of our server who are simply one message away from being a part of our population once again.

Currently our team consists of myself, a close friend operating as system admin, and an advisor with an immense knowledge of Arma. Historically, I have handled all of the menial tasks such as configuration of the trader lists, missions/AI, loot tables, etc., as well as in-game administration, and media/advertising of the server by way of YouTube videos. Our system admin is highly skilled and our server was an excellent testament to his ability - it ran flawlessly - however he has limited experience with Arma, so digging into game specific issues like glitches or bugs was time consuming for him. Our advisor also handled some other things that were above my head such as the layout of the traders/other custom additions to the map and I would like to have someone familiar with this type of work as well. The other issue we had in the past was keeping up to date with mods (we ran 11) when they released updates, so we'd like to explore ways in which to streamline that process - I also have difficulty understanding BE filters which I believe need to be updated manually each time.

We do still have all the files from our previous venture, so the work involved in the initial setup of the server will be minimal.

What we're looking for is someone to help fill our gaps in knowledge, time, and availability in terms of time sensitive matters such as updates and the like. We are looking for a long-term, ongoing partnership.

For more information on the server please visit

Thank you

Edit: We also plan to do a fairly drastic reconfiguration of the server, so if what you see on the website isn't exactly what you're in to, please inquire regardless.

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