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Wataya Lookinat

GPS Toggle


The standard GPS overlay ( Right Ctrl/M ) command does not seem to work on my dedicated server ( Yes I have a GPS on my character ). I have remapped the controls and tested again. I cannot seem to get the GPS overlay to come up on my server.

Is there a mod for this or maybe something I mismanaged on my server? Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance !


Map tanoa ;

Mods = Urban rappelling| Advanced Rappelling |CBA |Advanced Towing | Advanced Sling Loading | Extended Base Mod (Exile) | Exile | JSRS Sound Mod

Mission systems;

DMS |ZCP|Occupation|Vemf|Bigfoot Shipwrecks

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Any solution on this?  I came here searching for the same.  I have a local dev server running exile tanoa, exad and infistar only and all appears well except I have to keep battleye disabled in the main config (which I think is a port issue) AND the GPS toggle doesn't bring up the gps panel.  ??  Anyone?

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