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[SOLVED] exile 1.0.3 errors and bugs


my server is exile vanilla

Error by upgrade mit fortification upgrade kit

23:38:02 Error in expression <abase_query_fireAndForget;
_newObject = createVehicle [_objectClass,_position,[]>
23:38:02   Error position: <createVehicle [_objectClass,_position,[]>
23:38:02   Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "CAN_COLIDE"
23:38:02 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest.sqf, line 66

Bug by concrete window kit with open hatch function if a code lock is built. Locked hatch can be opened easily.

Invalid model path for Exile_Item_WoodSticks

0:33:52 Warning Message: Cannot open object exile_assets\model\item\exile_item_woodsticks.p3d

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Thank you for reporting these. 
You can fix ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest on your server by changing it from "CAN_COLIDE" to "CAN_COLLIDE". 


The rest will be fixed in the next update. 

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