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Chainsaw Squirrel

( SOLVED ) Tryk and Tac Vests have same key names how to run both ?


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Hello Chainsaw Squirrel,

An author can have one key and 50 mods.  It is not an issue.  All you have to do is put in the one key and it will be 'applied' to both mods.  You see this being done with CBA as an example.  One key for many different PBO's.


The only real issue is, if you use just one mod and I join with the second mod.  The 'one key' will allow both to be used.


Renaming it will do nothing, as the 'key' is like an encrypted checksum.  It is the contents of the file that matter, not the 'container'.  It is like when/if you rename a PBO, it changes nothing and it still works.


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